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Sircle Ventures is a venture technology firm. We are organized like a venture capital company except that we provide technology instead of capital.


We selectively choose to work with companies that have a qualified team of business experts who have identified a market which can be disrupted and are able to articulate how to achieve it.


A Sircle Ventures portfolio company’s value is driven by its business execution and not exclusively in its technology innovation.


Just like a financial venture firm, if we believe in the opportunity, we invest our technology, development infrastructure, experience and time.

Unlike traditional venture capital firms, we generally take very little equity, and we work for a fixed margin (so we are not motivated to add or remove headcount).


In addition, we come with a substantial existing technology base that includes IoT hardware, Mobile Apps, and Big Data processing pipelines all of which we provide “rights equivalent to ownership” to, while preserving our own growing technology asset.


G. Eric Engstrom
Managing Director

Eric leads and implements the technology vision for each of our portfolio companies acting as the CTO. Eric has a thirty year track record for building the first version of a new technology.

A multi dimensional technology pioneer who co-invented DirectX (enables games to play on Windows 95 and ultimately became the XBox), DVD playback on Windows, Windows Media Player, first consumer entertainment smartphone, crafted user centric advertising models, and holds over 80 patents.

Bradley Bargen

Brad designs and implements the data strategies ranging from traditional analytics to leading edge Machine Learning technology applied to Big Data applications for each of our portfolio companies acting as the Chief Data Officer. Brad has built natural language systems and traditional mobile applications that have shipped on billions of consumer devices.

His vast experience in product management and development allow him to orchestrate multi-domain product solutions leveraging Sircle Ventures’ global resource pool.

Cindy Engstrom

Cindy creates the bridge from traditional business perspectives of the portfolio companies to a relevant understanding of the business impact the technology solutions being presented to them will have.

She continuously updates the portfolio companies on the latest ways to engage consumers and makes sure the technology roadmap supports those.  As the senior marketing person for two start-ups she has positioned companies for a combined exit total above $750m.

Anthony Bay

Anthony advises on technology strategy for our media centric portfolio companies.

As a former Corporate Vice President at Microsoft and Amazon, and the CEO of Rdio, Anthony has more than twenty years of successfully leading technology driven media efforts.


James Lemon
Director of .NET Development
Mark Nielsen
Director of Technology Operations
Kiril Farkov
Director of Client Data Services
Mikhail Lev
Senior Electrical Engineer


We are not the kind of partners who only show up to quarterly board meetings. Instead, we work side by side with our portfolio companies every day to build the future.


We focus on the technology so that the business experts can focus on the marketing, packaging, presenting, and selling of their disruption.


We currently have six clients and the nature of our relationship with them is that when they announce us, we then announce them.


Confidential references are available upon request.


Contact us now to find new ways to build your fantastic technological future.
We are looking forward to meeting you and to do great business – together.